Ritean Biomech Pewter Pendant

"I wear this Crest around my neck like a christian wears their cross... just without the believing in fairytales part of it. Though it has evolved over the years, I originally created this symbol in 1991. Since that time, it has been tattooed on countless dedicated supporters from every corner of the earth. It represents an undying commitment to one's artistic and creative pursuits, relentless dedication to furthering one's skills and talents, and among other things, staying true to one's self and the integrity of their art. This serves me as a Talisman of sorts."
~ Paul Booth

Forged from pewter, each nearly 2 inch diameter pendant is a highly detailed casting of Paul’s sculptures by master craftsman Marcus Maximus Mera.

The first set of orders will ship before Christmas.  All remaining pieces are made to order, and will require 7-14 days for production time.

$ 41.95

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