Devil's Flip Coin

"Heads or Tails! I made this Flip Coin to help me make all of life's toughest decisions... like... "should I send that Nigerian Barrister all my bank account information for that inheritance??"... or... "should I exact my revenge on this meatbag that just crossed me??". I say let's let Fate decide!"
~ Paul Booth

Pictured in silver and brass but is available as silver and bronze for a more distinctive yes/no tonal difference in the two sides.

Limited to an Edition of 50.


Forged from 925 sterling silver, each highly detailed casting of Paul’s sculptures is meticulously tooled, oxidized and polished by Marcus Maximus Mera and individually finished by Paul Booth himself. Each piece goes through an oxidation process that truly highlights the fine details and textures that Paul's work is known for.

All jewelry is individually numbered and hallmark stamped. Each come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Paul.

As these pieces are made to order, please allow a 7-14 days for production time. Please note, The Captive Fetus pendant and ring require approximately 10-20 days. Custom sizing is available on all rings.

$ 320.00

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